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 I haz poems

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PostSubject: I haz poems   I haz poems EmptyFri Nov 30, 2012 11:33 pm

Phantom Pediatrics:

displacing mountains, shifting earth,
discoveries abound with the birth
of expanses metamorphosed
by pressure of gargantuan toes.
Dirt crunches beneath my feet

worlds revolve, beckoned by immense force,
compelled to interminably course
myriad paths of effect and cause
swirling to elude the void's wide maw.
Dirt crunches beneath my feet

skies disgorge their burgeoning torrents,
chiseling the lands less coherent
than bedrock capable to withstand
ravages of small liquid hands.
Dirt crunches beneath my feet

continuous chaos, worlds distressed,
existence strives always to regress
to equilibrium's peaceful prize,
which charlatans anthropomorphize.
Dirt crunches beneath our feet
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I haz poems
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